Sport Turf

MIDO TRADING and MONDO partnership started since 1982 with the introduction of MONDO’s sports flooring to the Egyptian market

Mido is proud to introduce MONDO world best quality Artificial Turf Products for sports courts and landscape applications

MIDO TRADING provide all required services Supply, Install, Maintenance and warranty of MONDO artificial turf products.

MONDO turf products are safe for the environment at every stage of their life from production to storage, from initial installation to use and to eventual disposal.

MONDO turf products are made from natural and synthetic raw materials that are not considered harmful by the most stringent national and international standards.

MONDO is European Synthetic Turf organization ‘’ESTO’’ Founding Member and the sole turf producer that can design, produce and install the complete system complying with ISO 9001 Standards.

MONDO having full control of the production of each component can guarantee complete quality and can meet all the required Federations Standards.

Mondo Artficial Turf system is creating a new and completely Innovative artidical turf system which reproduces all the characteristics of a well maintainced natural grass playing field.The articial turf system has infill material that offers maximum safety with superior dynamic performance without the problems inherent to natural field.

Mondo R&D Centers developed and improves special fibers that guarantee quality, Performance and durability of the mondoturf systems mondo produces directly all its fibers in order to meet the athletes’ need.

MONDO Turf have designed and produced to meet all the required Sport Federations Standards and available for several sport’s field:

  • Football
  • Futsal
  • Tennis
  • Rugby
  • American Football
  • Golf

Please contact us to provide you with further information on the product that suits your sport’s field.